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Firm Attorneys, Paralegals Named to North Carolina Pro Bono Honor Society

June 8, 2022

The North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center inducted 32 McGuireWoods lawyers into its 2021 North Carolina Attorney Pro Bono Honor Society. Each lawyer reported completing 50 or more hours of pro bono legal service last year, meeting the aspirational threshold set by the North Carolina Rules of Professional Conduct.

The resource center also began collecting information on paralegals’ pro bono contributions. McGuireWoods was one of nine firms recognized for batch-reporting on behalf of their North Carolina paralegals, and several McGuireWoods paralegals were honored on an individual basis for providing 50 or more hours of pro bono legal services in 2021. McGuireWoods senior paralegals inducted into the first-ever North Carolina Paralegal Pro Bono Honor Society were Christina J. Cyr and Elizabeth K. Thompson of Charlotte.

For 2021, 546 lawyers were named to the Pro Bono Honor Society. Each member receives a certificate of recognition from the Supreme Court of North Carolina. McGuireWoods’ lawyers on the 2021 honor roll include the following.


  • Nicole M. Arcodia
  • A. Carter Arey
  • Brian D. Barger
  • Alexander S. Boros
  • Alec Covington
  • Ann Terrell Dorsett
  • J. Porter Durham III
  • Stephanie K. Briggs Evans
  • Anita M. Foss
  • Jasmine K. Gardner
  • Abigail A. Golden
  • Adam J. Greene
  • William N. Harris
  • Patricia F. Hosmer
  • Alexander G. Keith
  • Mark W. Kinghorn
  • Heryka R. Knoespel
  • Zachary L. McCamey
  • John G. McDonald
  • Vanden G. Nibert
  • Edward M. Nogay
  • Scott P. Vaughn
  • Angie Zimmern



  • Mark E. Anderson
  • Tracy S. DeMarco
  • Joan S. Dinsmore
  • William E. Doyle Jr.
  • Henry L. Kitchin Jr.
  • Jocelyn Mitnaul Mallette
  • Tess S. Rogers
  • Mary Nash K. Rusher
  • James M. Twiddy